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Auto Transport Companies: Preparing to Drop-off Your Car

The dedicated Hunsky Trucking team ask that you follow our preparation guidelines before dropping off your vehicle. As an auto transport company with years of expertise, we developed our preparation recommendations to ensure the secure delivery of a vehicle upon pick-up.


Although most auto transport companies and the people in need of auto transport quote or services are honest, occasionally someone attempts to take advantage of the other party. The mutual protection that comes from documenting the condition of your car before transport, lets you know we will take responsibility should anything happen to your car, while also providing us assurance that consumers won’t make false claims.

In order for our inspectors to more accurately note the presence of surface damages such as scratches, paint chips, dings or dents, we ask that you wash your car before arriving at the scheduled drop-off location. Although surface blemishes will be noted in writing on your transport paperwork, we suggest taking photos of your car for your own files.

This inspection takes place in your presence and, like most vehicle moving companies, we ask that you sign or initial the report. At, Hunsky Trucking, we provide you copies of all documentation, including inspection notes, insurance coverage, car shipping rates, company policy and all other details relevant to your transport.

Clean the Interior

A car moving company cannot legally move your stuff. Our insurance coverage only extends to your vehicle and, should theft, loss or damage occur to your property, we are not liable. In addition, should a detachable item become dislodged during transport, we are not responsible for damage to the interior of your car.

The Hunsky Trucking team asks that you remove items such as:

  • Communication devices – cell phones, headsets and rechargers
  • Entertainment devices – CD, DVD and MP3 players
  • Portable gadgets – GPS systems, scanners and radios
  • Children’s Items – certain car seats, toys
  • Weather-related items – umbrellas, ice scrappers
  • Miscellaneous – handicap placards, decorative items

Although most auto transport companies suggest removing items that are detachable, at Hunsky Trucking we also ask that you remove any item of worth located inside of your car.

Don’t forget to clean out your trunk as well – as helpful as our drivers and inspectors are, by law, they cannot accept your vehicle if the trunk is stuffed full of your belongings.

Beyond issues of liability, clearing out the interior and trunk of your car decreases the total weight of the transport. Vehicle weight increases taxes at weigh-stations, subsequently increasing your end-cost; in addition, a heavy load limits the number of vehicles we can legally and safely transport at a time.

To account for any possible price variances due to weight, read the policy specifics provided by a particular vehicle moving company.

External Objects

You also need to remove non-permanent items affixed to your vehicle such as roof racks designed for luggage, skis or bicycles, external tires and anything else you may have added to the outside of your vehicle.

Check the Hunsky Trucking website for an exhaustive list or call us at 619-248-3496 with questions about whether we advise removing an object.

In addition to possibly increasing the total weight and related taxes, reasons for removing external items include:

  • Safety – items could cause damage to other vehicles, should they come loose, or cause injury to people, property or objects if they fly off during transportation
  • Shape – alternative placement of straps and braces to accommodate the items might not effectively secure the vehicle to the transport; the removable item may not be able to handle the stress and break
  • Size – roof racks and spare tires increase width and length, possibly decreasing the number of available spaces for vehicles or posing difficulties with on/off loading

Additional Considerations

Based on our 10 years servicing customers, we also suggest that you:

  • Turn off you alarm – an alarm can drain your battery for a number of reasons: drivers cannot hear alarms while on the highway and, as knowledgeable as our drivers are, it’s impossible to know how to disable every alarm system and anti-theft device on the market
  • Remove your EZ Pass – depending on where your vehicle is located on the transport, your EZ Pass could pick up the signal of each toll the transport travels through
  • Climate modifications – prepare your vehicle for your new location by adding snow tires and anti-freeze for colder climates or A/C coolant for warmer weather
  • Maintenance – oil changes, brake and transmission checks, air pressure and anything else required to pass a DMV inspection, should one be needed for new plates

Also address mechanical problems; taking care of car issues before your trip, with a garage and mechanic you know and trust, ensures service at a reasonable price and safe car, ready to drive from the moment of delivery.


Standard amongst car moving companies, you should drop-off your car with 1/8 to 1/4 tank of gas. This also reduces total transport weight.

Also make sure that you do not have any corrosive fluids leaking from your vehicle. Damage from fluids that leak onto the transport or other vehicles become your responsibility. If you have an older car, ask your mechanic to certify your car has no leaks.

Ready for Transport

Used by most auto transport companies, a request for pre-transport preparations offers mutual protection, decreases overall weigh-station taxes and, most importantly, ensures your car is ready to drive to your desired destination.

The suggestions provided by the team at Hunsky Trucking are based on our years of experience. Our staff is ready to answer questions regarding our reliable auto transport and explain the cost and safety benefits of our recommendations.

For quality services at an affordable price, call Hunsky Trucking at 619-248-3496 to arrange your car transport today.