Clinical Trials Regarding The Use Of Melanotan For Therapeutic Use

Melanotan or afamelanotide is a chemical compound synthesized in the eighties to stimulate the production of melanin in the human body. By stimulating the release of melanin, the skin darkens and becomes resistant to sun injury. Though no pharmaceutical company has the right to sell legally melanotan, trials are been conducted to prove its therapeutic purpose.

Introducing Clinuvel

Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals Ltd is an international pharmaceutical company that focuses on developing treatments for severe skin disorders. The company has set out to study the interaction of light and human skin. While doing so, two types of patients were identified: those that need to be protected from the light and those in need of skin pigmentation. Between 5000 and 45 million people have trouble with sun exposure and are in need of a cure.

Looking into EPP and vitiligo

Therapeutic Use1Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals Ltd aims to find cures for skin disorders resulted from exposure to light. One of such disorders is vitiligo. Patients with vitiligo suffer from depigmentation in certain areas of the body. This is caused by the absence or lack of activity of melanocytes (the cell specialized in skin pigmentation). No one really knows what causes this disorder. But researchers believe this is an autoimmune disorder. Regardless the cause, one thing is for sure: vitiligo causes serious psychological and emotional distress.

Another disease Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals Ltd has been striving to cure is erythropoietic protoporphyria. This is a rare genetic metabolic disorder that makes patients over-sensitive to sunlight and some types of artificial light such as fluorescent light. After being exposed to light, patients suffering from this condition accuse skin itchiness and burning hands, face or legs. Severe cases are related to liver or gallbladder failure.

Research results regarding erythropoietic protoporphyria

So far, erythropoietic protoporphyria or EPP was cureless. But after the third trial phase, afamelanotide or melanotan has been proved to be effective when used as a preventive treatment for EPP. Patients receiving the treatment claimed they experienced less pain when exposed to light. Also, the number of toxic reactions to light has dropped by 50%. Melanotan has helped patients to be exposed to sunlight for longer periods of time without feeling pain. Source: Melanotan Forum

Also the quality of life has been improved for patients sensitive to light. Also, no safety concerns were reported during the trial. As of May 2016, European Commission has granted marketing authorization to Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals Ltd to sell afamelanotide (or melanotan) to adults with EPP. Further discussions will take place between the European Medicine Agency and Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals Ltd before the company can begin distributing the drug to the public.

It seems research has reached some conclusion, after all. It is worth mentioning that Clinuvel has insisted on declaring that melanotan has nothing to do with their trials regarding afamelanotide. However, studies indicated that both products contain the same active compound. So we can expect to see melanotan in pharmacies soon, but not sooner than 18 months. In this period of time, SCENESSE – the stage name of afamelanotide must go through a strict risk management plan until can be marketed safely.

But until then, all the drugs that promise a tan that will last the entire year are still illegal and potentially dangerous. The wait is almost over.

Can Melanotan Cause Tanorexia? If So, What To Do About It

Being tanned has become a trend we can no longer ignore. This is because bronzed skin is often associated to what we call beauty standards. Many of us want to reach those standards and look like our favorite idol. For that reason, we are sometimes tempted to try unorthodox methods. Melanotan may be considered such a method. This is a man-made hormone meant to stimulate our body to produce more skin pigment. But to what end?

Are melanotan and tanorexia related?

Some people are so eager of being tanned; they make an obsession out of it. Tanorexia is defined in the urban dictionary as a physical or psychological addiction to being tanned. This is a mental condition that makes patients believe they are not tanned enough, regardless their skin color. Thus, patients suffering from this illness will abuse sunbeds, tanning sprays or any such products with similar effects. Attention has turned to melanotan, as it promises fast results with little to none harmful exposure to sunlight. So, could melanotan be associated with this condition?

In fact, no one really knows. Melanotan is known for its side effects such as dizziness, stomach pains, vomiting, diarrhea and nausea. Some claimed they experienced anxiety. But most of people speak well of melanotan and consider repeating the regimen. But there is a very fine line between the sheer pleasure of being tanned and being hooked to tanning jabs.

How to tell if you’re tanorexic

One widely used method to track addictions of any kind is the CAGE method. This method consists in a set of questions. Here are the questions:

1. Have you ever felt you needed to Cut down on your tanning habits?
2. Have people Annoyed you by criticizing your tanning routine?
3. Have you ever felt Guilty about tanning too much?
4. Have you ever felt you needed to tan first thing in the morning (Eye-opener) to make you feel better about yourself?

If the answer to at least two of the questions is “yes”, then the matter should be investigated further by specialists.

What can you do about tanning addiction?

Tanorexia is a serious condition that can be related to body image disorder. What is more alarming is that patients experience withdrawal symptoms like nausea or jitteriness when they stop tanning. The matter has grabbed public attention and caused specialist to treat tanorexia as a serious mental illness.

In consequence, specialists developed therapy programs to help addicts treat their tanorexia. These programs include individual or group therapy. The therapy sessions can take place daily or weekly, depending on the severity of the case. Rehab centers have also been built to aid those suffering from tanorexia.

It has not been proven that melontan can be held responsible for causing addictions. However, it is safe to assume it is not yet appropriate for human use. It is not safe until a pharmaceutical company has received authorization to sell the substance. As far as we can tell, nowhere in this world can melanotan be purchased legally.

Can Melanotan Be Associated With Anxiety?

When you’re trying to sculpt your muscles to make them look their best possible, you might be tempted to search the market for “shortcuts”. Doing tanning jabs with melanotan is a perfect example. Thought melanotan promises to transform pale skinned users into tanned models, this substance comes with some side effects. Other than the usual nausea, dizziness, stomach pains and all the other flu-like symptoms, some users have experienced anxiety.

Looking into the anxiety case

In any dictionary, anxiety is a feeling of restlessness or impatience regarding certain situations or events we cannot control. Just about any of us can feel anxious every now and then. This is a normal emotion and should not be a cause for concern. But when it starts to affect your day to day life and increase your heart rate out of the blue, you should at least look into it.

First thing to consider: could anxiety be just psychological? Considering melanotan has little to no clinical research behind it, it is not unusual to trigger some skepticism. Melanotan is mostly banned from selling, though it is not illegal to buy over the internet. And users know that, if not they wouldn’t be buying it off the internet. So, since the drug is tested only by buyers on their own expense, trying something new makes people nervous. Also, people feel stressed when they inject something into their body, without knowing for sure what it is.

It is not excluded that people using melanotan are completely relaxed, and the substance itself causes the heart rate to increase. For such cases many health foods stores sell supplements that may help the body relax naturally. In any case there are ways to relieve anxiety on your own.

Ways to relieve anxiety

Most treatments for anxiety require medication released on prescription. But the anxiety caused by melanotan is supposedly temporary. So before gulping on pills, see what nature has to offer.

Chamomile is a natural remedy for anxiety, because some of its compounds trigger the same reaction of receptors as drugs like Valium. Also chamomile contains apigenin which seems to stimulate neurogenesis and serve as treatment for neurological illnesses and disorders.

Another natural remedy is valerian. This plant reduces anxiety without inducing sleepiness. Since it smells rather peculiar, most prefer to take it as capsule. But tea can be consumed as well.

Aromatherapy has been proved to be effective in cases of anxiety or panic attacks. Essential oils extracted from lemon balm, lavender, jasmine are widely recommended to those in need of relaxation.

Exercise for 20 to 30 minutes if you feel anxious. Whether is at the gym, or you go for a quick stroll, exercise releases endorphins that help nervousness go away. Breathing techniques are also useful, in case you’re doing the melanotan jabs before bed. Many recommend the 4-7-8 breathing cycle. Basically you need to breathe in deeply for 4 seconds, keep the air inside for 7 seconds and let it out slowly for 8 seconds. Repeat until satisfied.

Whether psychologically induced or real, anxiety is a normal emotion and can be controlled. All you need is to master a few relaxation techniques and you’re set.

3 myths about melanotan unvailed

Bodybuilders are very much concerned about their physical appearance, to the extent they are willing to experiment with all sorts of dietary supplements and even drugs. Such drugs are often advertised to be the best solution that will enhance the look of the muscles, leading to an increase of self confidence. One of such drugs is melanotan, a synthetic hormone that increases melanin secretion responsible for skin tanning. As it is the case of many tested or untested substances, some myths were born around the use of this synthetic peptide.

You won’t need to sunbathe once you start using melanotan

This part is not exactly true. Even if melanotan boosts the production of melanin, this does not mean you can start avoiding UV exposure for good. Although the concern regarding skin cancer is rising constantly, sunbathing has its own benefits upon the human body. One of those benefits is the release of vitamin D in the body, which is synthesized when ultraviolet rays from sunlight touch the surface of our skin. And vitamin D promotes calcium absorption, an essential mineral that strengthens the bones and is also used in muscle contraction. Needles to say is why muscle contraction is essential for bodybuilding, right?

Moreover, people with fair skin need to expose themselves to sunlight for short periods of times. This helps them to have an even and more natural looking suntan. Natural sunlight will fix the tan in place, while providing a long lasting effect. Still, when following the melanotan regimen, you should expose yourself just enough to avoid skin injury. Also make sure to cover areas that tan quicker (arms, neck, back) for an even look and protect your eyes at all cost.

Body builders1

Using melanotan will lead to skin conditions

Although allergic reactions were reported, there is no real data to back that up. Many experienced facial redness and/or an increase in the number of moles or freckles. Still, melanotan might not be responsible for those. To play it safe, see a dermatologist first and make sure your skin is perfectly healthy. Many are not aware, but they might have skin conditions such as yeast infections that will become even more obvious when the treatment is begun. So areas affected by yeast infections will discolor, while moles and freckles will darken. Also, the allergic reactions to melanotan were also connected to inadequate storing that led to the alteration of the substance.

Another thing worth mentioning is about scars. If you plan to undergo surgery, allow the scars to heal, as they will become paler once the melanotan regimen is begun. If you already started using it, cease immediately and allow the body to reverse the effects.

Melanotan will make you feel sick

The human body basically reacts to any foreign substance introduced. Many side effects were reported such as nausea, dizziness, headaches or other symptoms associated to the common cold. We can all understand that such symptoms can render a bodybuilder unable to train. Still, there is not enough data to pin these symptoms to the use of melanotan. But not enough to eliminate suspicion either. To make sure your symptoms are from using the product and not from an older illness, it’s best to see a physician and run some tests to ascertain your health state. Be honest with your doctor and speak up about your plans regarding testing new products.