3 myths about melanotan unvailed

Bodybuilders are very much concerned about their physical appearance, to the extent they are willing to experiment with all sorts of dietary supplements and even drugs. Such drugs are often advertised to be the best solution that will enhance the look of the muscles, leading to an increase of self confidence. One of such drugs is melanotan, a synthetic hormone that increases melanin secretion responsible for skin tanning. As it is the case of many tested or untested substances, some myths were born around the use of this synthetic peptide.

You won’t need to sunbathe once you start using melanotan

This part is not exactly true. Even if melanotan boosts the production of melanin, this does not mean you can start avoiding UV exposure for good. Although the concern regarding skin cancer is rising constantly, sunbathing has its own benefits upon the human body. One of those benefits is the release of vitamin D in the body, which is synthesized when ultraviolet rays from sunlight touch the surface of our skin. And vitamin D promotes calcium absorption, an essential mineral that strengthens the bones and is also used in muscle contraction. Needles to say is why muscle contraction is essential for bodybuilding, right?

Moreover, people with fair skin need to expose themselves to sunlight for short periods of times. This helps them to have an even and more natural looking suntan. Natural sunlight will fix the tan in place, while providing a long lasting effect. Still, when following the melanotan regimen, you should expose yourself just enough to avoid skin injury. Also make sure to cover areas that tan quicker (arms, neck, back) for an even look and protect your eyes at all cost.

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Using melanotan will lead to skin conditions

Although allergic reactions were reported, there is no real data to back that up. Many experienced facial redness and/or an increase in the number of moles or freckles. Still, melanotan might not be responsible for those. To play it safe, see a dermatologist first and make sure your skin is perfectly healthy. Many are not aware, but they might have skin conditions such as yeast infections that will become even more obvious when the treatment is begun. So areas affected by yeast infections will discolor, while moles and freckles will darken. Also, the allergic reactions to melanotan were also connected to inadequate storing that led to the alteration of the substance.

Another thing worth mentioning is about scars. If you plan to undergo surgery, allow the scars to heal, as they will become paler once the melanotan regimen is begun. If you already started using it, cease immediately and allow the body to reverse the effects.

Melanotan will make you feel sick

The human body basically reacts to any foreign substance introduced. Many side effects were reported such as nausea, dizziness, headaches or other symptoms associated to the common cold. We can all understand that such symptoms can render a bodybuilder unable to train. Still, there is not enough data to pin these symptoms to the use of melanotan. But not enough to eliminate suspicion either. To make sure your symptoms are from using the product and not from an older illness, it’s best to see a physician and run some tests to ascertain your health state. Be honest with your doctor and speak up about your plans regarding testing new products.

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